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Invest in youth-driven, community-led development across Tanzania. 

Your financial support is a critical investment in these young leaders, their community, and their future. 

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When you become a Class Partner, you will be matched with an entire class at Orkeeswa, and will follow this class throughout their time at Orkeeswa, acting as a partner in their educational journey. You will have exclusive insight into the class’ holistic Orkeeswa experience, receiving quarterly updates that follow the four core pillars of programming at Orkeeswa School:

  • High-Quality Academics that focus on practical and experiential learning;

  • Robust Student Wellness Services, including life skills education, counseling, and health care;

  • Diverse Co-Curricular Programs, including sports, activities, clubs, and project-based learning;

  • Impactful Community-Based Leadership Opportunities, such as community service, entrepreneurship, innovation, and advocacy projects.

Become a Class Partner today with an annual gift of $3,000 or a recurring monthly gift of $250.

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