At Orkeeswa, our volunteers gain a wide variety of hands-on experience in the context of a challenging work environment. Whether teaching physics, developing extra-curricular programs, or executing our communications strategy, our volunteers take the lead on many of our school projects. Volunteers leave Orkeeswa with the skills and experience to prepare them for any future endeavor.


We are thrilled to expose our students to a diverse array of volunteers with a wide variety of talents and experiences. Every Orkeeswa volunteer has the opportunity to share their passion and skills with our students and staff, making a profound impact on our community.

"After my experience at Orkeeswa, my decision to be a teacher has been powerfully re-affirmed. The students here are amazing and enjoy learning so much. They are grateful for every moment of education, and as a teacher, there is no better feeling. This feeling will stay with me and always bring such amazing inspiration to my work, long after my time at Orkeeswa."

– Sari, Former Volunteer

"My time at Orkeeswa has been an incredible period. The enthusiasm and amazing personalities of the students has been a ray of light in my everyday life. My hope is that the students continue to grow, yet maintain the attitudes I know and love them for. They are some of the greatest people I've ever met."


– Andrea, Former Volunteer


Working in a rural, Maasai village on a daily basis, our volunteers build close relatoinships with our students and their families, giving them an intimate understanding of Maasai and Tanzanian culture and traditions. Furthermore, Orkeeswa's multi-cultural campus offers volunteers an opportunity to work within a diverse team of passionate educators and staff, learning from many different perspectives and ideas.


To apply for a position, please send your resume, cover letter and references to volunteer@ieftz.org


Volunteers are expected to commit to either 3 months or 18-24 months. There is no fee to volunteer with us, but volunteers are expected to cover their own expenses to get to Tanzania and the necessary Visa and processing fees. Volunteers that commit to a longer-term position will be eligible for a living stipend to cover basic expenses such as food and local travel.