Based in Monduli, Tanzania

Orkeeswa School is looking for an experienced professional to oversee our Student Wellness program. 


A key member of the Leadership Team and vital to the school's mission, the Student Wellness Coordinator is responsible for leading a team of professionals whose primary focus is ensuring the health, wellbeing and social-emotional development of Orkeeswa's over 270 students. The Student Wellness Coordinator is responsible for leading Orkeeswa's Life Skills Program, Counseling Program and Health and Wellness Program. The Student Wellness Coordinator is our students' biggest advocate and a constant source of support and guidance. 


Responsibilities include : 


1. Manage Orkeeswa School's Counseling Program 

  • Ensure each student has the support and guidance they need, particularly when facing challenges in school, at home, or in their community

  • Provide direct guidance to Orkeeswa's Head Counselor with daily check-ins and monitoring of student progress reports

  • In collaboration with our Head Counselor, organize and train a team of counselors, including peer counselors 

  • Train teaching staff on methods for identifying at-risk students 

  • In collaboration with Head Counselor, develop and implement a system for tracking student wellbeing and evaluating effectiveness of counseling services 

  • Visit students' homes when needed, arranging parent meetings or family counseling sessions

  • Seek support from Mental Health professionals when needed


2. Manage Orkeeswa School's Life Skills Program 

  • Provide direct guidance to Orkeeswa's Life Skills Leader

  • Train Life Skills teaching staff and oversee the delivery of Life Skills curriculum, offering regular teacher check-ins and performance evaluations

  • Work with Director of Strategy to support and manage the development and implementation of Orkeeswa School's Life Skills curriculum 

  • Work with faculty and staff to ensure the integration of Life Skills priorities into the timetable, curriculum and other programs at the school

  • Coordinate with Africaid's Kisa Program to supplement Life Skills program for girls 

  • Organize special Life Skills workshops in collaboration with Orkeeswa's many partner organizations

  • Organize complementary Life Skills workshops for parents 


3. Manage Orkeeswa School's Health and Wellness program

  • Provide direct guidance to our Health Coordinator with daily check-ins and student progress reports

  • Establish a system of clear communication with healthcare providers (i.e. doctors at FAME) and students' families

  • Help organize annual physicals for our students

  • Help facilitate the delivery of preventative care and education for our students through the Life Skills program 

  • Advocate for student health within the Leadership Team to ensure they are getting access to proper nutrition through school meals; clean water; and proper hygiene protocol 


4. Oversee Student Issues

  • Collaborate with the leadership team on establishing and communicating student-related policies and procedures 

  • Organize Disciplinary Committee, and help mediate any disciplinary issues and attendance problems 

  • Facilitate Conflict Resolution conversations amongst students, school leadership, parents and community members when student disciplinary issues arise ; Oversee interventions / disciplinary actions and ensure they are supported with counseling services and restorative practices 


5. Oversee Student and Family Services 

  • In collaboration with Orkeeswa's Headmaster and Associate Head, identify host families for students in need and coordinate regular home assessments 

  • Identify students in need of extra support at home; coordinate disbursement of resources, including food, clothing, solar lights, family health services and/or other needs 



Preferred Knowledge/Skills/Experience 

  • Degree in Education, Social Work, Psychology, Public Health, or related field

  • Experience working with youth, particularly in the context of counseling or life skills education 

  • Experience leading a team 

  • Strong organizational skills 

  • Highly empathetic and collaborative  

  • Excellent communication skills ; a good listener 



  • Housing

  • Salary commensurate with experience 

Please send your resume, cover letter and a list of references to info@ieftz.org