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When you support a student at Orkeeswa School, you provide them with opportunities to make a lasting difference in their community. Through them, your impact will continue to resonate for years to come, reaching hundreds of others. This is locally-inspired community development. 

Our Scholarship Program is what keeps Orkeeswa School going, and empowers leaders like Lekumok to lead sustainable change in their own communities. Provide a scholarship today, invest in our Scholarship Fund, or fundraise for a scholarship to invest in these incredible leaders.

Full Scholarship: $2400/year or $200/mo

Half Scholarship: $1200/year or $100/mo

Your annual scholarship support provides one student with:

  • 1,400 hours of academic classes in 10 subjects

  • 450+ hours of sports, clubs and activities

  • 55+ hours of Life Skills education

  • Unlimited access to counseling, healthcare & more

111 students are in need of scholarship support at Orkeeswa School. Meet a few of them here, and request a profile to get to know them better by emailing
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Nangiday, 6th grade

Village: Lendikinya

Activities: Netball

Aspirations: Teacher

1218_Neema Lesikar_Kuku Challenge.jpg

Neema, 9th grade

Village: Orkeeswa

Activities: Drama & Soccer

Aspirations: Accountant

0418_Witness Sayore_Dance.jpg

Witness, 7th grade

Village: Lendikinya

Activities: Dance & Science Club

Aspirations: Scientist

Nembris, 6th Grade

Village: Lashaine

Activities: Basketball

Aspirations: Teacher

Emmanuel, 6th grade

Village: Orkeeswa

Activities: Rugby & Soccer

Aspirations: Doctor

0319_Edward Laizer_Around School.jpg

Edward, 7th grade

Village: Orkeeswa

Activities: Soccer & Basketball

Aspirations: University Professor

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