Based in Monduli, Tanzania

Orkeeswa School is looking for an experienced healthcare professional to oversee our Health and Wellness program for over 300 students. 


Orkeeswa School's Health and Wellness program is a key part of our Student Wellness Program, and a pillar of the Orkeeswa Model. Our students' physical, emotional and mental health is a critical component of their learning experience. Orkeeswa's Health and Wellness program strives to ensure that each Orkeeswa student has access to quality healthcare and is equipped with a health education that will promote healthy choices now and in the future.  

Responsibilities of the Health Coordinator include :

  • Provide daily health services to students at Orkeeswa School

  • Coordinate doctors visits and emergency medical care

  • Accompany and advocate for students at doctor's appointments

  • Manage student medicine protocol

  • Manage and organize student medical records

  • Coordinate annual student physicals through partnering health care providers (i.e. FAME)

  • Provide first aid services at school and during sports events

  • Train staff on basic first aid procedures

  • Coordinate the distribution of health and hygiene resources to students, including sanitary pads

  • Ensure the availability of clean water and proper nutrition for students on a daily basis

  • Set health and hygiene protocol for students and staff, i.e. hand-washing protocol

  • Participate in preventative care and health education through Orkeeswa School's Life Skills program

  • Provide support with health emergencies for students' family members

  • Facilitate student-led Public Health activities and educational programs 

  • Build relationships with key healthcare providers in the Arusha region to expand medical resources available to our students


Preferred Skills / Experience: 

  • Degree in Medicine or a related field

  • Experience as a medical practitioner (i.e. Nurse)

  • Training in First Aid / Emergency Medical Response

  • A passion for working with youth 

  • Strong organizational skills 

  • Highly empathetic and collaborative

  • Excellent communication skills

To apply for a position, please send your resume, cover letter and list of references to info@ieftz.org


International team members are expected to commit to 18-24 months.