Grow the Game

At Orkeeswa School, extracurricular activities for our 290+ secondary students is a key part of our holistic education model. We have built a top-performing secondary school sports program, with our student-athletes playing at regional, national, and international levels, and our coaches serving as National Team coaches. 

Grow the Game (GtG) builds on the success of Orkeeswa School’s holistic model of education, and specifically sports, by bringing infrastructure development, sports training, life skills education, leadership development and coaches’ training to local primary schools in Orkeeswa School’s community.

Program Impact

“I am not just playing basketball to improve myself, I am playing it to improve my country. Many girls in Tanzania feel like they don’t have a voice, and people can see them as weak. But I want to change that and show girls that they are strong through basketball.”  - Neema - 

Orkeeswa Graduate, Grow the Game Coach

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