Based in Monduli, Tanzania

Are you an educator looking to make a tangible social impact? 

Passionate about teaching and inspired by young leaders?

Eager to grow amidst a diverse team of talented professionals?

Orkeeswa School is looking for an experienced, hard-working, and passionate English Teacher to join our team in Tanzania, East Africa.


We are looking for an experienced EFL teacher comfortable working with students new to the English language. The Pre-Form One / 6th Grade Assistant English Teacher must be able to prepare students for success in an English-medium exam-based system, while maintaining high standards for experiential, student-centered learning. 

Specific responsibilities include assisting with:

  • Teach introductory English language skills, including grammar, writing, reading and conversation 

  • Collaborate closely with Pre-Form One / 6th Grade teachers (both English and other subject teachers) through team teaching, cooperative learning opportunities, and sharing resources

  • Initiate and collaborate on classroom and after-school hands-on projects that emphasize English learning through other course subjects, such as geography, Civics, History, Math and Science

  • Provide tutoring for Orkeeswa students in both English classes as well as other academic subjects as related to English language acquisition and skills such as reading, writing and comprehension


Preferred Skills / Experience: 

  • Degree in Education, with an emphasis on EFL learning

  • At least two years of classroom teaching experience 

  • A passion for working with youth 

  • Strong organizational skills 

  • Excellent communication skills

To apply for a position, please send your resume, cover letter and list of references to info@ieftz.org